What GPA is needed for Elon

Can you please post UNweighted GPAs for recently accepted Elon students? On most websites I see an average GPA of 4.0, which is obviously inflated. Can anyone give real world numbers? Daughter is looking at Elon 2023 and has an unweighted 3.8 with 6 AP classes and 2 Honors. Thanks in advance!

That is more than enough. I think 3.4 or 3.5 is fine


About 3.5 UW and parents that can swing ~$35K per year.

My daughter applied EA this year with a 3.95 unweighted, 4.98 weighted and a 1420 SAT. She was admitted with Presidential Scholarship and then applied for and was accepted into Honors Fellows program. I’m not sure if that helps you but it gives you an idea for what is needed for additional scholarships. Although, it is our understanding that the Fellows programs are based a lot off their interviews.

According to Collegevine chancing app, the middle 50 pct range is 3.54-3.90 generally. They probably do not require as much rigor as other more selective schools.

During the application process, we were surprised to learn that Elon does its own calculation of GPA. When I asked what my daughter’s Elon GPA the rep I spoke with said they do not disclose it during the application process. Now that she has been admitted, I may ask since we were curious.

Elon seems to be getting more and more selective as its reputation grows. Rigor is growing bigtime. Our daughter will be attending in the fall as and Honors Fellow and we are thrilled.

I agree that Elon is getting more selective each year. They are definitely on an upward trajectory and have a strong strategic plan to move upwards in rankings and recognition. In 2019 my son got in with a GPA somewhere around 3.7 I think and a 29 ACT, and a merit scholarship. In later years kids are getting rejected with those stats.

But your daughter sounds like she’s in great shape! I would suggest EA. I wish I could tell you what Elon looks for, but I don’t know, other than minorities (cultural diversity is an area they need to improve on, and are trying). I saw that 4.07 GPA in the Class of 2025 profile and am really shocked! But an UW 3.8 sounds competitive for sure.

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I recommend the chancing app in Collegevine and I am not affiliated with them in any way. GPAs alone are not enough.

She should be fine, although this is a school about to explode in popularity. DD has a 4.0 weighted, 1250 SAT, 6 APs and most of the rest honors, captain of two sports teams. She got in ED.

Hi!! My daughter was also accepted as an Honors Fellow! She has not committed yet but I’m pretty sure that Elon is going to be the winner! Everything I read about the school is so fantastic. Does your daughter know what she going to major in yet? Where are you from?

We are from Bend Oregon. She would likely go either political science or strategic communications.

I think her GPA looks good and Elon would like her geographic diversity.

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I did ED2 and got in w a 3.2 u should be good!

unweighted 3.7 admitted EA with merit. Showed interest but didn’t visit. Decent recommendations and essay, leadership. Did not apply to any fellows or scholars programs.

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@FLWestieMom Congratulations to your D! :grin:

There was a discussion on another thread about whether Elon stacks merit. Do you mind sharing what merit your D received? Was it the (approx) $6k for Presidential plus $13k for Fellows?

I’m sure this information would be helpful for others.

The Fellows scholarships are in addition to the $7500 Presidential Scholarship.

Thank you!! My daughter is thrilled and cannot wait to start her Elon journey. Everything we hear about the school is so wonderful. We are very excited. The Presidential Scholarship was for $7500 and was offered with her acceptance (EA). The Honors Fellows is another $13,500 in scholarship and was an additional application and interview process.