What grades required on transcripts?

I would like to get all of my applications in before Thanksgiving (going on a big vacation - can’t wait!!! and don’t want to be stressed by college stuff) and I have already gotten my transcripts from my high school and college. On Friday, it hit me that they don’t have this quarter’s grades on them. Do I need to wait a while and get them? I know that I will need to send an updated transcript at the end of the semester with those grades but does my initial transcript have to have first quarter on them. We don’t get our first quarter grades til November 8th.

Also, if a school says they want the semester grades on the official transcript, is it okay if I go ahead and send in my application and then just update it with the semester report later on?



<p>We don't even have quarter grades on our transcripts, so I would guess you don't need them. And about the senior semester grades, those usually get to the college on the midyear report.</p>