What happened to my itunes???

<p>I removed the log in password for my daughter's account on my computer because she couldn't remember what it was. Now when she logged in her whole home page was different and itunes was missing. We reloaded but where is her old itunes account with all of her music? Did we lose everything?!?!</p>

<p>Email them, give them her account name, and ask them if they know what happened. Our computer crashed back in February. We had never backed up our itunes and lost everything. I contacted itunes and they were very helpful. They should let you download the songs from your library that they still have available. She said she would do it for me because I was such a good customer. I'm guessing all of us are good customers. I also found out that if you google "how to transfer all music from iPod" you can find out how to get all the music from your ipod back into your library. My son got his music back using the googled directions and all was fine.</p>

<p>You should all consider on off-site storage for your photos and music. You should have this stuff backed up to a hard drive at the very least. Mozy.com or Carbonite.com also offer cloud storage for your stuff and it gets backed up - every day.</p>

<p>Found them! Did a search for itunes file and they didn't show up but then searched for folder in C:/ and there they were. Still won't show in itunes though.</p>

<p>In iTunes, go to File --> Add folder to Library and navigate to the folder where you found your files. That should get itunes to show them in your library. If they're not all in a folder you can do File --> Add File to Library.</p>