What happened with this guy?

<p>I'm a sophomore in high school. There's this guy in 2 of my classes.. I started sitting at his lunch table in December with my girl friend because her boyfriend sat there. We talked, flirted a bit, commented each other on Facebook. In class, he never said "hi" to me but sometimes he'd talk to me. At lunch, I was writing some notes on my hand to study easily during my next class and he was like, "Naughty girl". He said "Natalie. I didn't get your article so I wrote it myself" (class project) I said "What? Noo" and he started laughing. He came up to me after class one day to ask how our mutual friend was doing (she just had surgery) Over texting, he hinted that it had been an excuse to talk to me.
Over winter break, he made a FB group for new numbers since he got a new phone, I wrote mine on the group's wall & got a text from him maybe 30 min after. We talked for a while, over the next few days he told me I was pretty multiple times, complimented my hair and body, told me his first impression of me was "pretty, smart & independent minded" I told him that he was cute, good looking, smart..I told him I was kinda shy. We talked about music, books, our nationalities, friends, family. Both of us have divorced parents. He said he'd text me earlier in the day b/c we'd been texting from about 10pm-2am. It was new years eve, and he didnt. He texted me at around 11:50 saying "Happy new year!!!" Some things he said over text that stood out..
-"I'll have to meet her sometime" (about my cute little sis)
-"I'm up late alot so if you ever want someone to talk to :)" (Told him i'm an insomniac)
-"I'm gonna hit the sack but if you can't sleep still you can text me"
-"Is it pretty? I bet it is" (Told him i got my hair done)
-"You look good with your long hair"
-"I should because i'd get bangin lunch & i'd get to sit next to a pretty lady" (Told him he should save me a seat at the lunch table b/c we always end up across from each other)
-"So why do you think it took a mutual friend's surgery to get us to talk?"
I said we should hang w/our mutual friend & some other people. he seemed very excited & asked about it twice. On new years day i texted him asking if that day was good for him to hang, his mom said no b/c he'd been up till 4 (new years) & went out a few times that week. He said sorry twice and "we should still hang out sometime" I said it was ok, i was going to a friend's anyway. He asked "who? not to be creepy i might know them" he didn't know them (i mentioned 2 girls and a boy) I said "i have to go text me later if u want" He said to have fun (twice!) and said he would [text me later] He never did.
In school on Mon, we didn't talk or look at each other. Haven't had a real convo since.
Our interaction since then:
-One of the classes we're in together is a 1/2 yr course, so after break we had a new 1/2 yr course. Teacher put us next to eachother!
-At lunch, he was talking about our new teacher & pointed to me & said "You were there!"
-At lunch, obnoxious girls we didnt know sat next to me then left. He said "Siena, you must be relieved! Haa"
-At lunch, I was asking people @ the table what they thought love was (for a school paper article) He explained what i was doing to his friend who asked. He obviously listened when I was telling my friend in class. He said something along the lines of "I don't know what it is, I've never felt it". He told me to ask his friend what he thought love was. The friend said "Sex" He said he told me to ask his friend b/c he knew he'd have a stupid answer like that & that I wouldn't get a serious answer out of anyone at the table.
-While walking down the hall, he said "Hey guys!" to me and our mutual girl friend.
-That was months ago...Now, when me & mutual girl friend are walking past him, she says hey to him first & he doesn't look happy.
-While walking down an empty hall, just me & him passed by each other. He waved and said hi w/ a smirk, no smile, sadly(?) I said "hi" meekly back
-I drop my pencil a lot and he always looks down/bends down like he'll get it but I do
-Bumps into my desk and says "sorry"
-We were put in a group together during class. I said "soo should we share our answers" He ignored me. Later, he asked to see my work. A girl in the group said "Siena you should write, you have good handwriting." He said "No, have you seen it?" Whenever I talked, he'd look over but not when anyone else talked.
-He was sitting right next to me in the 2nd class we have together (doesnt usually sit there). My friend who sits behind me said that he kept looking over at me.
-The same day, in the other class, we were in a group together & had to put our desks in 2 circles (one outside, one inside) He was on the inside, me outside. He said "Siena, I think you're supposed to move your desk here." (He pointed behind him)
-One of his best friends, friend requested me on FB</p>

<p>Let me describe him real quick: all honors classes, Really cute, good grades, plays in school orchestra, loves soccer & on school team, runs track, I think he's kinda religious, amazingly sweet, genuine, caring..funny, smart, kinda keeps to himself kind of quiet but outgoing w/ friends. He's a smartass to my teacher in the class where he sits next to me, makes the whole class laugh.</p>

<p>P.S. We never talk even though we sit next to eachother in class & me & mutual gf haven't sat at that lunch table in months.</p>

<p>Wow I can't believe I read this whole thing...
Well it's obvious; he likes you. ;)</p>

<p>Pretty much, this guy got rejected and now is being reclusive.</p>

<p>Haha, well thanks for reading it :)
Ugh, he won't even look at me.</p>

<p>He probably feels rejected by you as his advances have ceased. Either talk to him and ask him about it, or continue with what you're doing.</p>

<p>I'm so shy around him now.. it's terrible :/</p>

<p>...ask him out? seriously.</p>

<p>we haven't talked since the beginning of January</p>

<p>Well walk up to him, get rid of your nervousness, and talk to him.</p>

<p>I guess I'm just scared of rejection.. I mean, do any of you think that he still likes me? I haven't seen him flirt with any other girls..He's just really friendly.</p>

<p>As a guy, unless it's a total jackass, a genuine one wouldn't do those sorts of things.</p>

<p>Well, that's good to hear. He's known to be a really good person.</p>

<p>yeah, I didn't read the whole thing</p>

<p>Ok, I read through that entire thing, because we have had some good stories on CC. I was just guessing to the part in the story where he raped/mugged/stole something/someone. But no. </p>

<p>What a waste.</p>

<p>Haha, sorry to have disappointed you.</p>

<p>I'm a shy person, so I can't really flirt well...But what i'll do is talk to him as if he's special. Like say hi to him with a big smile in the hallways. Even if he doesn't return a smile, at least you got the message across--you're interested in him.</p>


<p>Ew with these GossipGirl bullcrap stories... either ask him out or avoid him completely, all of the threads end up the same.</p>

<p>He thinks you've completely rejected him (methinks), and is now trying to forget about you, which involves an internal struggle over love-hate of you. </p>


<p>Hahah, Wham. It's pretty hard to get over each other considering we sit next to each other in 1 class and are in another class together, as well. I don't know why he would thinks I rejected him! He's the one who said he'd text me later but never did :/</p>