What happens from August 29 - September 6?

<p>I know move in day is August 29 and classes officially start on September 7. What happens during the time in between? Do new students generally just roam around in groups or just go to orientation? Is it basically just free time?</p>

<p>Few specific questions:</p>

<li><p>I thought of pre-ordering textbooks ahead of time but I figured that it would be way too heavy to bring (I'm out of state). Considering I were to purchase books from amazon, do the books generally arrive within 24 hours without any problems or do you recommend getting books from amazon before hand?</p></li>
<li><p>When do the meal plans officially start? Does it begin right on September 7 or could we use it from August 29?</p></li>
<li><p>How long does it take for them to give you your NYU ID card? Is it pre-made where you just enter the office and pick it up within 5 minutes or does it take them time to create the card after verification?</p></li>

<p>Thanks, and any general info of the welcome would be greatly appreciated by me and all incoming freshies =)</p>

<p>I can't answer your last two questions, because I'm a new student as well, but in regards to the first one...</p>

<p>If I were you, I'd wait to order the text books until the first week of class and have them shipped to the dorm. Last year, I had a professor assign two textbooks before the semester started, so I bought them early. On the first day of class, he tells us that he changed his mind and that we wouldn't be using them, so I wasted over $100. Also, Amazon is offering college students a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime. Students get free regular shipping, and can upgrade to overnight for just a few dollars. You should check it out.</p>

<li><p>You could preorder your textbooks and ship them to yourself, thats what I am doing. Many of the textbooks were 1/2 the cost through Amazon, as opposed to the school. I am from Florida, so I bought all my textbooks and then I am either going to mail them to myself (media rate - $10 probably for 6 big books in a brown box) or I will just carry on a few for the plane ride and pack the other couple in my checked luggage or put them in the boxes I am mailing to myself. It is deff cheaper to buy books on Amazon/Half and then send them to yourself out of state. It just depends on your person preference. Sending books media mail usually takes 2 weeks, so you would need to order your books well in advance or use a faster shipping service. </p></li>
<li><p>I dont know the answer. Im sure it says on the meal plan website though.</p></li>
<li><p>The NYU card is not premade. You have to go to the office at either 1.Main Office - 383 Lafayette Street (corner of East 4th Street & Lafayette) or</p></li>
<li><p>Satellite Office - 125 East 13th Street (Palladium Residence Hall). Here is the website for more information NYU</a> > NYUCard You have to go there to take a photo for your ID. Keep in mind you need your NYU ID to enter most residence halls, so this will be something you want to take care of as soon as possible. I have heard the lines at the NYU ID office are longer during move in week, but on average it only takes like 15-30 minutes.</p></li>

<p>Most of the questions you are asking can be found by searching for past forums or searching the NYU website.</p>

<p>If you can go in before August 29th to get your ID card, I would recommend it. I went a few weeks ago, and I literally walked in, sat for a picture, filled out a piece of paper and was out of the office with my card in less than 5 min.</p>

<p>ahh thats sweet I want to get student discounts and I need my NYU card thats why haha</p>

<p>Do you generally how long amazon takes to fedex textbooks to NYC? When I was in cali, stuff took like 2- 4 days, and I was wondering if it is similar in NYC? Or does it take longer? shorter?</p>

<p>I answered this in my previous response. Book delivery times depend on where the book is coming from and how soon the person ships the book. When you purchase a book, a person has about 3 days to even ship the book to you... from there, media mail can take 2-14 days. On average you should anticipate books to arrive in about 2 weeks. If they arrive sooner, then great but plan accordingly. Sometimes people ship books at First Class mail, which is 2-5 days or Parcel Post, which is 2-7 days but thats a personal choice from the shipper. As a graduate student at NYU I have a lot of experience with ordering my textbooks online.</p>


<p>If the student is in Stern, they have their own scheduled and required Orientation during Welcome Week. Everyone else is free to do as they wish, whether it's going to WW events, shopping, hanging out, whatever. </p>

<p>Amazon takes a few days to get to NYC, but you can pay a little extra and have it shipped in two days. </p>

<p>Meal plans start at the night of August 29th. </p>

<p>DO NOT GO TO THE PALLADIUM OFFICE for the NYUCard. They make them at the Lafayette Street office.</p>

<p>Just wait until the first class to order books. Many times, some books are only "optional" and you can wait to order them.</p>

<p>LSP also has orientation during Welcome Week.</p>

<p>Tisch also has orientation. We got like two mandatory events everyday</p>

<p>Graduate students also have a seperate orientation and Welcome Week. Each Graduate college has their own schedule for the week.</p>

<p>You are plenty busy during welcome week. Advisor appointments, mandatory school events, mandatory NYU events, welcome week activities, etc., etc., RA'a have events on your floors, field trips to US Open last year. Books are delivered same day in Manhattan from Barnes and Noble so that is an option as well for texts. ID's are simple to get on move in day as well when there is an event in Kimmel to Welcome Parents and students really minimal waits. Then there is time to explore NYU, your neighborhood, the subway etc., Just be ready to immerse yourself and make friends</p>

<p>Is the NYU id card that we have to get on Lafayette st. the same card that is used for debit purposes and can be used for fast food, books etc. I think we received something in the mail for this yesterday. I remember we can put money on the card.</p>

<p>Yes, it's the same card.</p>

<p>helpful hint: right now, students get amazon prime (free 2-day shipping) for a year!</p>