What happens if I don't get accepted?

<p>My family's house is in foreclosure, and because of that my family is prepared to move. As we were waiting to see if there would be a modification my parents convinced me not to apply to University of Oregon until that decision, because we were under the impression we would receive that notice by mid January, and $50 is a LOT of money to just throw away at a school I may not have been able to go to. Of course, spring term deadline was February 1st, so I did apply a few days before when it became clear there was no sign of a notice.</p>

<p>The bank is still considering, so it will be a few months again, but if it is the case that we end up foreclosed, I'll just be at UO for a term, and then transfer to a school in West Virginia (where my parents would be moving if we get foreclosed).</p>

<p>But I'm not sure I'll get accepted. I've got great grades, 3.6, and all my requirements in order. But, because of it being so last minute and spring classes starting about a week and a half after winter term (March 20th or so), I may be in a quandary. Already there is an issue with my application, which should be fixed by tomorrow, but those is precious days lost. How can my transcript not be received, but they have evaluated my courses? Ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that my automatic transfer classes have not transferred correctly. Ridiculous. That's why they have that program setup. And it's not even understandable mistakes; they did not transfer some obvious group requirements. Not that those should really alter my chances, but it's just annoying.</p>

<p>At least my math and writing classes have transferred, but my ONE other requirement: foreign language. I just need one more term to get in, this term, and I'm clear. But obviously with only a week to get it confirmed, things may be an issue.</p>

<p>I have no idea about how this situation is going to carry itself, and I would really like some advice. One, on transfer mid-year and situations similar to my one, two, on finances:</p>

<p>Obviously, if I do not get accepted, even if we end up staying in our house that is months I will not be at school. What do I do? There is a six month period between the start of spring and the start of fall. Won't I be getting a bill from my loans? I really can't transfer anything else but 5 credits for language, so I can't take a full course load as I wait.</p>

<p>And if my parents decide to move, I'll have to transfer AGAIN. Not that I would be going to school for a year, because the out of state costs would be impossible for me to cover.</p>