What happens if I don't send in an SIR to decline an offer of admission?

<p>I don't want to fill one out for UCLA. Am I supposed to if I don't want to go there?</p>

<p>What is an SIR?</p>

<p>i assume that they'll assume that as a decline if you don't respond by the given date.</p>

<p>Statement of Intent to Register.</p>


<p>Just say that you filled out a GIR. What does the G stand for? I don't know.</p>

<p>(sorry. You can't say SIR to an Invader Zim fan without getting quote-slapped. This is just an Invader Zim reference post; all who have never heard of it may go about their business. But anyway, yeah, you don't NEED to fill out the proper Dear-John letters for non-ED colleges, but you're supposed to.)</p>