What happens if I get an F my second semester of senior year?

<p>I think I might get an F in my calculus class this semester, and I was wondering how much that will affect my admissions. I still have at least a 3.0 GPA with that F, nevertheless.</p>

<p>"Are there conditions of an admissions offer?</p>

<p>Unless you already graduated from high school prior to applying, all offers of admission will be "provisional." Specific terms of a provisional admission are contained in letters and the official notice of admission. Generally, if you are offered provisional admission you must:</p>

<pre><code>*Verify high school graduation with a final high school transcript
*Complete all courses your Senior year with grades of "C" or higher
*Successfully complete all courses to meet the full CSU 15 -unit subject pattern prior to high school graduation
*Supply all required documents by the established deadlines
*Take the ELM/EPT placement tests, if required, no later than June 19, 2010.

<p>After we receive your final documents, your "provisional" admission will be audited. If you have not maintained eligibility, your offer of admission will be withdrawn."</p>

<p>You need to get at least all C's supposedly. I think you call the admissions office and explain your situation to them. Maybe they'll let you retake calculus at CSULB.</p>