What happens if I miss the AP test?

<p>An distant uncle has just passed away. Although I didn't know him that well, my mom wants me to come to the funeral which happens to be out of state. I have AP Bio on Monday and AP Govt on Tuesday. If I miss the tests, will there be a make-up date? Do I have to do anything before hand to make sure I can take it on the make up date? I have no idea how this works and I can't seem to find the info on the collegeboard website. Anybody know?</p>

<p>Unfortunately the collegeboard doesn't have a check and balances system for people absent, so someone who passed away and someone who had heart surgery are in the same boat, take the test now or wait until next year (if there is a next year for you). Late testing is ONLY allowed under one circumstance, you had another test scheduled for that slot. There is no other way, so these threads should stop popping up, especially since so many kids on CC try to cheat their way to more study time</p>

<p>I think if you are sick, you can show them a doctors note. Talk to your guidance counselor or your principal.</p>

<p>actually manimgoindown isnt really right. it is true that some people wanna take the makeup test just to skip the first one and study but the collegeboard isnt cruel to waste ur $100something if it is a family emergency. talk to the people who administer the test and they will be reasonable for ur excuse. i kno a person who couldnt take one of the tests and my school was very understanding of that person's situation and they let that person take the make up</p>

<p>I wasn't trying to buy extra time. I'm just trying to figure out how I can take these tests and not waste what I had to pay for them. </p>

<p>But will it be too late to talk to the administrators since the both test are on Mon and Tues? I mean by the time I talk to them, I'll have already missed the tests because I can't contact them over the weekend. Don't they have deadlines for ordering late ones?</p>

<p>Perhaps, you should try calling the collegeboard - or maybe even the board of education (if anyone is there)...try something.</p>

<p>maybe next year..</p>

<p>imho chickenboi instead of making a judgement have some facts to back up the crap, false hopes, and thus wasted time you push out. Call the collegeboard, you can tell them you had a surgery and they really couldn't give a damn, why? As I explained, they want to prevent any source of bias, meaning your "sick" or an "emergency" came up doesn't count. Call them up or go to their website, late testing policy= i had two+ aps scheduled for one timeslot, so i will have to do this later. Late testing does not equal "im sick, i need extra time to study, my fill in the blank died" It's a failsafe mechanism, not a backup. End of thread, there really shouldn't be discussion on this, its a rule, a simple yes or no</p>

<p>wow man don't get so anal about it</p>

<p>it is certainly possible.
I think if there's a natural disaster or strike going on.. or you're really sick on the test day.. or family emergency.. or you have other state-mendated tests overlapping... there are certain reasons for which you can take the late-test i 've seen those clauses, its just that i can't find them right now. Talk to your AP Coordinator and i think as long as he can validate your reason it is possible to take your exam late. depending on your reason, though, you might have to pay extra dollars.</p>

<p>i was allowed the late test for statistics because my spanish test took so freakishly long, from 8 am to 2 pm (and stats was supposed to start at 12 pm); my proctor called an AP coordinator who said it would be alright, even tho it wasnt explicitly stated as a reason for late testing. theres always a work-around</p>

<p>Our school allowed late testing for people who had a track meet on the day of testing</p>

<p>manimgoindown, uh, you're completely mistaken.
If there is an unavoidalbe situation, you can work it out with your school. Ultimately it's up to you being able to convince your school's AP coordinator if you can re-take it or not. If they think you have a valid reason, they call collegeboard, and most of the time, collegeboard will say its okay, as long as the school agrees. If it's an extra burden on them, they will make you pay extra for a proctor and test. </p>

<p>People have missed AP tests in the past because they were sick, deaths in the family, sport meets, or simply coming in a little too late and missing some part of the test . . . and under all of these circumstances, they were able to take the test during makeup week.</p>

<p>^Agree. I know a bunch of people in my school who are doing late testing cause they had some jrotc competition.</p>

<p>people in my school have to do late testing because one of the language tests had technical difficulties. on the part where they had to record something, the machine that records you broke and no one knew how to fix it. my friend was at school until 3:30 taking that test, which began at 8 am.</p>

<p>everyone who took the language test in the morning didn't make their afternoon tests</p>

<p>in my school they are letting us take the calc ab exam late due to a religious holiday on the original test date...clearly collegeboard must take these and other factors into consideration....</p>

<p>unfortunately i heard that the curve for my test will be based on anyone taking it that day, which means im up against my own classmates, and therefore doomed</p>

<p>late testing is allowed</p>

<p>According to the Collegeboard website, late testing IS allowed under "serious injury, illness, or family tragedy" with no additional cost.</p>

<p>AP</a> Exam Coodination - AP Late Testing</p>