what happens if we 'unassign' a teacher from a school after they competed evaluation?

I should have read carefully but I made the mistake of assigning my English teacher to a school that i should have submitted my math teacher to. That aside however, will my English teacher be emailed that I unassigned her? I dont want to offend her in any way... I know i can email her and let her know beforehand. But if I can avoid any misunderstanding i dont want to tell her unnecessarily. Both my English teacher and math teacher have completed their evaluations, and I know because im applying to multiple schools which i assigned them accordingly, and it says 'completed'.</p>

<p>I just don't know if i can assign/unassign them at my convenience...</p>

<p>Thank you and sorry if I seemed shady. Ofc i will let the english teacher know if I have to. I think im not understanding the rec letter system on common app very well.</p>