What happens if you back out of Early Decision?

<p>This hasn't happened to me or anything but I'm just curious. Say you apply to a school for ED but you change your mind and go somewhere else. What will happen to you for doing this? I know everyone says that you MUST go to a school if they accept you for ED, but what can they really do if thats your decision? And if they take back your acceptance why would it matter if you're going to go somewhere else anyway?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>your preferred school may well rescind your offer if they learn that you back out for any reason other than the ED school’s inability to meet your financial need. and the ED school may tell your preferred school that you backed out</p>

<p>The ED school, if they believe you backed out for any reason other than financial, can black ball you with other schools, all of whom respect the ED commitment. They will often also punish your high school, in the belief that your counselor did not explain the commitment, by rejecting future applicants.</p>

<p>I’m applying ED to a university this fall, after much consideration. I think on the agreement there is a statement where it says you can back out if there is some financial issue. But, shouldn’t you only do ED if you have genuine interest or passion and want to attend whichever particular school as your first choice? “but what can they really do if thats your decision?”<br>
Besides backing out if someone truly can’t afford the costs, I think it also has some basis on one’s own integrity. Someone applied to a school where he signed to attend if accepted, but suddenly backing out? Seems like he didn’t even have the initial desire to attend. Just make sure to do the research and apply ED if it is really your first choice!</p>