What happens if you don't do SAT 2's?

<p>hi, I'm asking: What happens if you apply and you're international and you only do SAT 1, and not any of the subject tests? DO they still consider you or is it automatically rejected?</p>

<p>it differs form college to college. For CALS, SATIIs are optional though. Some other colleges require specific SATIIs.</p>

<p>ok.......but lets just say it is required....do they automatically put you in the rejected pile, or do they consider app still...</p>

<p>its very funny the wat they do it, especially if ur an international.</p>

<p>If u are an outstanding applicant some colleges will look over that, for internationals since it is difficult sometimes to find testing sites you can explain ur situaiton to them.</p>

<p>I wish u the best of luck, i know I really iddnt answer ur question clearly...but it it to l8 to do n e thing now.</p>

<p>For engineering they have specific requirements. I did not take a science SAT II (only Math level 2 and English).</p>

<p>I emailed my admissions officer, and she told me that they will still consider me as an applicant and all, but I will be at a disadvantage since nearly everyone did complete the specific SAT II requirements. So we'll see how that worked out for me come Monday ;). haha. Best of luck to you as well!</p>

<p>Hmmm, thats tricky, you must be an otherwise strong applicant. Good Luck.</p>

<p>I was stupid enough not to look at the requirements for engineering specifically and I just took two SATIIs (math and world history) though a math and a science was required. When I finally noticed that, I sort of tossed Cornell aside and considered it a reject. A few weeks later, I got a likely letter. I'm not a URM, but I am a girl for engineering with typical Ivy stats, nothing I consider special in their eyes.</p>