What happens if you don't get into Kelley (for non direct admits)?

<p>If a freshman is a non direct admit, but doesn't get accepted into Kelley when he or she applies in the spring, what happens?</p>

<p>I would assume that you would stay in University division and would have to declare by your junior year. You could probably (I don't see why not) you could apply the end of your sophomore year, but would then probably require 5 years total at IU.</p>

<p>If you're set on business, I would also apply to some other business schools at the end of your freshman year that aren't as hard to get into.</p>

<p>if you apply during spring of your freshman year and are denied, you cannot reapply. if you are deferred, you get to continue taking kelley classes (a few required ones which i am not positive of) and they will re-evaluate your application after the fall semester. if you are denied initially, many kids will go the SPEA route, sports management in HPER, or a completely different major. i would echo toffa in saying that you might want to apply to a few other schools if you are truly set on business, especially if 1st semester doesn't go as you hope.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>i had a friend who was deffered, reapplied, didnt get in. he went the informatics route, which is another choice besides spea. he will be able to graduate in four years with an informatics degree with a business minor, plans to do consulting. so that's another route. but basically, you either transfer or pick a degree that you can finish in four years (if thats important) with the classes youve taken for business. a lot of people choose to get a spea degree, they have some that are business orientated.</p>

<p>You can only apply once? I definitely didn't know this. I don't like the idea of transferring to another university because of getting rejected from Kelley.</p>

<p>If the student is an Indiana resident and is definitely interested in business, I think that he/she may want to look into IUPUI. I believe that the student may have more opportunities for internship.</p>

<p>As LaRok said, SPEA is a very popular option. My brother in law could not get into Kelley about fifteen years ago, so he got a BS from SPEA in Public and Nonprofit Financial Management. He was recently laid off in Chicago from a software company managing customer accounts after working there for ten years. I saw his resume when he was applying for jobs this spring and it said he graduated from "Indiana University" with a degree in "Financial Management." He wound up getting a job at IBM in Chicago a few months ago.</p>

<p>basketball7314, </p>

<p>if your main goal is the get into the Kelley School from day 1 of your college career you should have no trouble getting in. It's most likely, you will have to focus more time on your academics and sacrifice the social time. However, whether it be a business major or a SPEA major you have to put in the effort to become successful whichever career/major you decide to choose. </p>

<p>** you cannot just take adderall and try to cram all the material 3/4 days before the exam. In order to do well in the Kelley I-core pre-reqs/weed courses such as A-100, K-201,etc... you need to put in a certain amount of time everyday to master the concepts.</p>

<p>your success for the kelley courses/i-core prereqs will be limited if you try to memorize, instead of understanding the concepts</p>