What happens if you get written up by an RA?

<p>Is it actually as horrible as it sounds? It sounds as bad a cop arresting you for drinking or something.</p>

<p>Essentially nothing, the first time. It's like getting sent to the principal's office to get chastised for a bit. Beyond that, I don't know-- never seen anyone get written up more than once.</p>

<p>Does it go on ur record or make a difference in ur life? Or I think I remember someone from another college saying they don't give u priority housing the next year? but I'll be getting an apt.</p>

<p>The new student handbook goes all through the rules and policies for the dorms - how they handle disputes, what is not permitted, how they deal with it and what the consequences are. </p>

<p>It would not be on some kind of 'permanent record' - it strictly stays with the residence halls only while you are there, and only matters if there is a string of issues that requires some escalation according to the process. Eviction from the dorms and perhaps expulsion from the school, if the infractions are serious enough - but that would be for serious attacks on other students, harrassment, arson, and the like, but not for the minor stuff like making noise, underage drinking, or arguments.</p>

<p>Oh okay I see. Thanks.</p>

<p>The most common case are drinking in the dorms and being too loud at night. It's really very dependent on your RA's lenience.</p>

<p>So what if they continuously get written up for drinking? lol yesterday, someone was being soo loud because he was drunk and singing loud songs lol</p>

<p>Then you should have reported them to your RA.</p>

<p>There's a limit I think. You have to write an essay at some point I think, then you're banned from being in the dorms drunk at all (they normally don't care if you drink outside of the dorms). Final straw is being kicked out of course.</p>

<p>For summer, it is pretty unlikely that the whole escalation could culminate in getting kicked out, with only a few weeks left to the term.</p>

<p>Nothing really. My friends got written up three times, they had to write an apology letter.</p>

<p>each time my floormates were written up, they had to make posters warning people not to do what they did.</p>

<p>If you get caught with underage drinking and stuff I know that you have to do Alcohol edu again, attend some seminars about alcohol, and pay like 75$ or something. My floormate had to write a 12 page paper about alcohol or else they would block his registration. I was written up for being too loud, but just got a warning. The person I was talking to had to write a 2 page essay, but it was easily BSed. </p>

<p>The council the "judges" you takes their job too seriously. And one of the girl who was on the panel of judges partied way harder than the guy who was written up for alcohol...</p>

<p>Nothing happens.</p>

<p>The RA already came out. I was out there when he was but I moved away. Thanks for the information guys.</p>

<p>It teaches you a valuable lesson:</p>

<p>Don't pay 50% more than you would for a private apartment for the "privilege" of sharing a small room with 2 or 3 other people and police state.</p>

<p>I really have no idea why anyone would stay for more than a year in the scam known as university accommodation.</p>

<p>Well, for someone away from home on their own for the first time, coming to a strange college in a strange city, going into the dorms is a low risk and very reasonable decision. Continuing after the first year - different story. Also keep in the mind the social advantage of mixing with all the other incoming students who will be maximally receptive to meeting new friends.</p>

<p>Had to attend a "judicial hearing" and write an apology essay after my first infraction. Anything else happen? No.</p>