What happens if you send a recommendation letter?

<p>What happens if you send of recommendation letters to Berkeley? I know it is not required, but will it be at least taken into consideration? and do these rules for UCLA and UC Davis apply too?</p>

<p>i doubt it, everybody would be doing it if so</p>

<p>i got letters of recommendations ready but my school counselor said berkeley doesnt accept them. but the phone answering machine in the UC undergrad admissions office says that they do not require recommendation letters, which means that you CAN send them in right?....</p>

They will be in the trashcan, definitely.</p>

<p>somewhere on the application it says something like " any attachment will not be sent to the campus..."</p>

<p>****z like that</p>

<p>are you really sure?</p>

<p>They won't look at it. 30,000 people apply. Too much reading. You may want to save your teacher's kind words for the appeals if you don't get in on your first try.</p>