What happens if your app is complete after the deadline?

<p>I applied to the University of Michigan about two weeks ago. I asked my teacher to submit my letter of recommendation more than a month ago, but she still has not done so. The deadline was yesterday, and she told me that she will not have time to upload the letter until this weekend. What does this mean for me? I have EVERYTHING submitted except for that letter. Will this put me at a major disadvantage? If I get 'accepted', will I be wait listed instead? I'm extremely worried at this point. If you have any pieces of advice, I would appreciate it greatly. I may try calling the Admissions Office to clear things up later today.</p>

<p>Was yesterday's deadline for the application? If so, most colleges will give some time for the supplemental information from your high school and teachers to come in. You probably have an account with the university, used to submit your application. Check to see whether there's someone to contact about whether all your information has made it to the university. You could either e-mail or call to explain the situation, but look around on the website first to see whether there's leeway for the supplemental information.</p>

<p>Yep, yesterday was the deadline. I hope that's true. I checked my application status online, and they have received all of my supplements and my application via CommonApp. If I do get wait listed, what are my chances of getting accepted in the end? I mean, how often do they accept people who are wait listed?</p>

<p>I'm not familiar with the University of Michigan's application or waitlisting process. However, it would surprise me if they would knock you out of consideration for acceptance just because a teacher hasn't sent in a recommendation by the application deadline. Usually, if the student has submitted all information that he/she is required to submit directly, a university will give extra time for the recommendations and other information sent directly from the school to come in.</p>

<p>OK, I think I will call the Office of Admissions and double-check and, if needed, explain my situation. I hope what you've said is true. This whole process has been worrying me.
Do you know on average how many people get accepted into college after being wait listed? I'm not just referring to the University of Michigan, but in general. A percentage, perhaps?</p>

<p>No, I don't. I think it depends on the university. Good luck!</p>