What has been your most memorable moment in college thus far?

<p>What has been your most memorable moment in college thus far?</p>

<p>waking up naked in a pool of **** next to a naked girl in her own puddle of **** with a condom stuck to a wall.</p>

<p>driving a bunch of alumni to a strip club while kind of drunk, well pretty drunk. also a very bad decision</p>

<p>Failing my economics midterm, and being able to laugh about it with my parents.</p>

<p>"I'll bet I can totally do this double-shot of 151."</p>

<p>sungod, UCSD, san diego, CA</p>

<p>3 days of MAYHEM.</p>

<p>It's a pretty big list. Heres the top couple though. This years spring break was pretty far up there, including the guys in our group getting "challenged" by the girls while in the hottub to strip, run to the top of the bunny slope (we went skiing for spring break) and run back down. Heh.</p>

<p>As far as at school goes I took a physics final hung over, on about 3 hours of sleep and undergoing water intoxication (NEVER try to beat a hangover by ingesting about two gallons of water in a sitting) and got a 95, bringing my grade in the class from a C+ to an A- thanks to creative percentages.</p>

<p>i was in the backseat while the individual who was driving decided to throw the rest (meaning about 5) of the 99cent taco bell burritos onto the hoods/windows of oncoming traffic.</p>

<p>i am ashamed that i considered this guy an acquaintance of mine....</p>

<p>Going out with my friends/coworkers on football road trips to the bars/clubs in new cities. Probably my favorite was Austin, TX--we got there, set up the locker room, went out to a decent restaurant, then went to a club. Got really drunk, danced & made out with one of the Grad Assts, then had to walk a little over 2 miles to get back to our hotel b/c we didn't want to wait for a cab. The next day I remembered everything except how much I drank--I was way under on my guess But the Grad Asst was buying and to this day we're still together :)</p>