What have you learned?

<p>As I look forward to my last year at and graduating from a secondary/prep school, I'm beginning to ponder what I have garnered so far.
Yes, the school does offer a higher quality of education and a diverse and high-class network, but has it really changed or improved me as a person?
I feel like I havent come across any great impact or change after paying around 42,000 for three years. Am I supposed to feel this way?</p>

<p>What have you alums or current students learned from your schools?
What's so good about prep school?</p>

<p>I think it's the experience that is so different. You'll never feel like you've gained profound knowledge without an experience to compare it to. I attended a prep school and a public school both (as a younger kid, but still) and the prep school's education was so far above the public school. I was happier socially in public school, but the quality of education is definitely better.</p>

<p>Tackdizzle, do you attend a boarding school or day school?</p>

and since I've been away from my parents several times (summer camps, overseas volunteer work, etc.), independence isn't really a trait i've learned</p>