What health shots do I need before college

<p>Parents: What innoculations do I need to get before going to college. I remember getting some info in the mail but can't find it. I know some of them require a series of shots so I need to know when to start.</p>



<p>Many colleges now require it - before it was just "suggested." We had a long thread on this on the old CC board - the horror stories of students dying within 24 hours!!! Do a search of "college students" and "meninigitis" if you want to have nightmares....</p>

<p>Once you are accepted you will get a health form that names all the shots you need, such as an updated tetanus shot, measless, mumps, rubella, polio series and probably hepatitis....</p>

<p>Thanks. Is the hepatitis innoculation the one that takes a series of shots. I've heard I need to start that soon so the series will be done by next summer. Anyone know if that is true?</p>

<p>If you have already been accepted rolling admissions, and you've lost your info, look on the college's website under health, or E-mail admissions or health office.
Nedad's right, you'll get a list, probably a health form in the spring. the only one that may need lead time is Hepatitis B (it used to be a series of 3 shots, but that may have changed now to 1 shot). You are in an age cohort that may not have been inoculated against Hep B as a little one (my DD just turned 17, she got Hep B at age 10, just because I knew she would eventually need it, DS who is 13 got the shots as a baby - the recommendations changed around 1989-1990).
Otherwise, you'll need updated tetanus and MENINGITIS, and proof of inoculation against the rest (if you are attending school in the US, you probably already have that proof).</p>

<p>actually, though I agree that meningitis is a very good idea, it's not required everywhere. My S's school didn't, though they had him certify that he'd read their info on why it's a good idea.</p>

<p>Meningitis is required at some schools, and recommended at others. It's a good idea to get it regardless of the requirement. And yes, hepatitis shots are given over the period of 6 months, if I remember correctly, and it's a good thing to have even if the school does not require it.</p>

<p>Agree with hep b and meningitis...and keep in mind that sexually transmitted diseases are not prevented by vaccines! Particularly herpes and hiv...it's out there. Condoms are not adequate either. Sorry.</p>

D was vacinnated for Hep A & B, Meningitis, Tetanus, MMR booster, and tested for TB. Our physician's D is 1 yr older than our child...so, he made sure she was "protected"...ouch!</p>