What house did you get into?

<p>I just realized that I actually received both my dorm-mate and my house. I'm in Brecon. I know this is a slow moving board, but what did everyone else get into? What do you expect? I'm hoping for a small, but fun community. And of course, the "Best legs on campus". :)</p>

<p>My daughter is in a quad in Radnor. She's excited!</p>

<p>I'm in Rhoads North! Can't wait :)</p>

<p>Did you receive the housing info through the Bryn Mawr email address?</p>

<p>@theseed, yes.</p>

@Chimichonga: I think I might know you from facebook.</p>

<p>Really? I haven't used facebook in a while, and I haven't friended too many people.</p>

<p>Oh! Mawrtyrs have tagged themselves in the floorplans posted so I thought that you might be one of them.</p>

<p>I'm really bad at facebook; It looked different the last time I used it. Where do I tag Brecon? I only see a reference to Pembrook.</p>

<p>Have you joined Bryn Mawr College's network? If yes, then you can find brecon's customs group according to your floor number. It is not open to everyone only to the residents.</p>

<p>The Bryn Mawr College page on FB? I have. I see that the customs person said she'd make a page soon. I'm really bad at navigating this site.</p>

<p>Never mind, I figured it out.</p>