What/how to write in my transfer essay

<p>I am currently attempting to transfer from a community college to University of Delaware, Marist, and Penn State. For each of them, I have to write an essay for the application. For UDel, I have to write why I want to transfer there. For Marist, I have to write "why Marist is a good fit" for me and for Penn State, I have to write a personal statement, which the site says "Please choose one of the commitments that you listed in the Activities section (activity, interest, or work experience) and provide a short description of its importance to you. Include why that commitment could be relevant to your student experience at Penn State." For the college I was previously at before CC, I was out of high school, and used a common app essay about a person I admire, but on my new apps I can't anything do that. How should I go about writing these essays? What do I put in them, how long should they be, how should the format be?</p>

<p>Good advice about college essays:</p>

<p>U.Va</a>. Office of Admission Essays</p>