What humanity class is "easy"

<p>So I'm thinking about adding another humanities class to my schedule but I don't want to overwork myself the first semester so I was wondering what class you guys found that was relatively easy (a class that you enjoyed going to and didn't mind doing the work) yet still engaging? Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>I'd recommend anything with the name "race"-Studies. From my experience, the workload isn't bad and for the essays you basically just write about how racist white people were.</p>

What humanity class is "easy"


<p>all humanities classes are "easy."</p>

<p>^ I wouldn't say that. Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Comparative Literature are pretty damn hard departments, in terms of both workload and depth of material. Have you ever read 12 books in one semester on top of all of your other classes? It's not fun.</p>

<p>The first two, in particular (and depending on the course offered), can be as difficult as the more challenging technical courses.</p>

<p>Philosophy can even get pretty technical.</p>