What?! I didn't know...

<p>If you decide not to send your AP score to colleges they can still see it???</p>


<p>^ Your name, really...?</p>


<p>Lol, ^^ that's really funny... but seriously...</p>

<p>REALLY?! damn, I hope that's not true</p>

<p>It is true. Unless you cancel your score, they can see it, regardless of whether you used Score choice</p>

<p>well. balls. that sucks.</p>

<p>yeah, but only after you get accepted.</p>

<p>you self- report your AP scores (pick and choose)</p>

<p>and the college that you end up matriculating to will get a full score report of your AP scores, unless you cancel.. hiding mayy work too not sure..</p>

<p>but don't worry=) colleges don't rescind acceptances just because of AP scores.</p>

<p>What do you mean? For example, if in sophomore year you took APWH and APChem and got 4's, but then in Junior year you took AP Psych and AP Physics and got a 5 and 2 respectively...when you try to send your APChem score to a college or something, it will show all the exams from all the years.</p>

<p>But I find it a little hard to believe that they can see it if you sent nothing at all in any year. Because, to request a score report, you need the person's specific identifying info (for example, AP Number) which the colleges wouldn't have.</p>

<p>Well if you're going to want college credit for doing good on any of your AP exams, they're going to want to see the report. I doubt they just take your word and believe your self-reported scores.</p>

<p>Since reports are cumulative, they will see ALL of your AP exam scores when they are sent to the college. The only way to remove one is to cancel your score, which I think must be done before scores come out.</p>