What I wish I Knew Before Entering Boarding School 2022 version

I think the boy girl friendship culture also varies by grade within school. Also noticed that friendships started off strong freshman year and had kind of imploded by senior year because enough relationships had gotten messy.

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Hotchkiss’ music practice rooms have windows at the top and bottom of the doors.

For the record, much, if not most, of the issues raised in this thread are common to ALL high schools, not just boarding schools.


There’s a little “publications hall” in one of the buildings here, which is one of the only places to which students have free, unsupervised access throughout most of the day. I now understand why all of the doors there are fully made of see-through glass…


I recall that there are insurance standards that have to do with no 2 people being in a room that can’t be viewed/supervsed by a third - as protection againstsexual assualt/impropriety. And an older child doing with a younger one counts as 2. We had to change out doors in a church for this reason!

I wonder if they changed the doors on the ceramics building at Choate… :thinking:


To get to the sports fields at DS’s school, you need to walk down a path through the woods. I’m constantly thinking, that in my day, those woods would be prime hooking up territory.

DS is doing a Wildlife Biology independent study and sought permission to set up trail cams in the woods around campus. My first thought was “I’m pretty sure he’s going to find out more about the mating habits of his classmates than any of the small woodland creatures in the area”. The deal he had to make with the school was that any footage that showed a human had to be immediately deleted.


It says he was a 22 year old Junior!!! Did he repeat 5 years? :joy:

Re-read the article; Taylor was 22. Conor was 18.

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Ah- skimmed it too quickly

Wow, you guys are not kidding about the age ranges in BS.

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Taylor Swift was just visiting her younger boyfriend.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to put a Harkness table in the woods at Kiddo1’s school. Based on what students have renamed said table, I would strongly discourage anyone from putting a camera there! :flushed:

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An interactive discourse (not active intercourse) is the purpose of the harkness table. :grinning:


Here is a positive thing…. :thinking:alert the media!

We did not receive some information prior to the start of school…I guess they just assumed we would know that ….

  • Kids get a lap top to keep at our school
  • Kids get a type of IPad for geometry
  • Books were provided on the Harkness Table the first day of term - no running to a bookstore or ordering online for our kid.
  • Sports uniforms and one team’s practice uniforms washed at school
  • How many kids work in the gym out before class
  • Many of the student organization give out great swag