What if I change my FAFSA now?

<p>I'm a freshman of UM and received my FA package in the middle of June. I was checking the emails between me and the FA counselor when I noticed that they were willing to help me to correct one of the answers of FAFSA , so I checked my FAFSA. Surprise! The answer was just the same old one I had entered half year ago which might significantly affect(in a reducing way) the amount of money I could get. What if I change it to the proper one the FA counselor recommended now? Would they gimme another FA notice?</p>

<p>When I went to the financial aid office, they told me that as long as I had my FAFSA in on time, any changes that I made to it later would be fine, even if it happened during the semester, thought you will have to verify it with the FinAid office. </p>

<p>So I would think that you could change your FAFSA at any time, you'll probably want to contact the FinAid office. I've talked to some very good, and very bad, counselors at the office. I'm hoping that I will be able to submit forms later.</p>

<p>@chasely Thanks for the info... Hope I get a good counselor, then. I'll have a walk-in later......</p>

<p>Yes I think changes can increase how much you get. I got three different award letters, which was due to changes and just the regents increase in tuition, and not to a change of my state, but call them up and talk to them.</p>