what if i havent taken my SATIIs yet?

<p>is it bad that i'm a senior and haven't taken my satII's yet? the deadline to sign up for the november one is like..today. i dont know much about the satIIs. if i DO take it in november..will it be back in time to send off with my applications and stuff?</p>

<p>The November date should be fine for all RD schools. If you are applying ED or EA, check with the school - you might have to rush the score. Which tests do you have to take?</p>

<p>what's a RD school? or a ED or EA school? i'm planning to apply to most of the calstate schools and possibly some ucs? do calstates needs SATIIs?</p>

<p>i have my stats in another thread titled "Chances for this SAD SAD senior?"</p>

<p>thanks a lot ohio mom!</p>

<p>i already took the satI's...i havent taken any satIIs yet and i dont even know which subject to take x_x</p>

<p>Most people end up taking the writing and math iic tests, in addition to a topic of their choice (a lot of times a science).</p>

<p>newt do you play age of empires?</p>

<p>Nope, I used to play starcraft though :). I also play Enemy Territories under [PDF]NewT</p>

<p>newt, i so challenge you to a game of starcraft. but hey, whats the difference between math level one and math level two and also, which one's better to take?</p>

<p>IIC covers more material than IC (a bit of calculus, more trig) but it has a better curve. If you're a senior you should've learned precalc at least, so studying for the IIC is more worthwhile in my opinion. </p>

<p>RD is regular decision, where applications are due sometime early january usually. EA is early action where the app is due around November 1st and you find out in mid december, but you don't have to go. ED is the same, but it's binding so you have to go.</p>

<p>hahaa. i took the precal CLASS...but learning it..is a different story x_x so whats IC about then? PLEASE tell me its like the SATI math..please please please? oh also, is it impossible to transfer from a calstate school to a UC?</p>

<p>Sorry, I don't know much about california schools.
IC..is still going to be harder than SAT I math. SAT I math right now only covers arithmetic, algebra 1 and geometry. IC will have algebra 2, precalc, some trig, etc.</p>

<p>...Then take them NOW! Don't end up taking them too late and missing out on college applications!</p>

<p>Btw, Enemy Territory sucks. It's all about Call of Duty. :P</p>