What if.... I just find this hard to believe

<p>I have heard from many people at school talk about "some guy their friend knows" was taking the SAT and the essay prompt was something along the lines of "what is courage" or "define courage" or SOMETHING like that
his response was
"Courage is writing one sentence on the SAT"
as his essay...</p>

<p>and apparantly did very well on the essay</p>

<p>is this just a rumor, as in any yall hear somethingl ike this too?</p>

<p>It makes a good story i guess?</p>

<p>that's hilarious. i hope it's true!!</p>

<p>i've heard that for college admission essays, not on the SAT.</p>

<p>i'm almost positive you'd get a 1 for it since the SAT essay is supposed to see how well you write, whereas a college personal statement is more about who you are.</p>

<p>yeah, I've heard people say the SAT rewards formulaic writing much more than creative writing. Plus, the question was probably a little longer than that, and would have asked for an elaboration of courage. I could see how it could work for admissions, though. A little arrogant, but still funny.</p>

<p>yeah, as great of an idea as it is, I doubt the SAT scorers would like it much.</p>

<p>I'm almost positive it's a derivation of the "Philosophy essay" story. A college philosophy professor had a final exam which was an essay and the only word written on the prompt sheet was "why." Some kid put down "why not" and got his A in the class. I personally think the story is fabricated, but your SAT story is remarkably similar.</p>

<p>Don't actually do that on the test. It's funny for all of 2 minutes.</p>