what if..i know im messing up tomorrow

<p>hey, tomorrow im takin chem, writing, and us history..well i already know i wanna take 2 out of the three over and they are imp scores too..can i just take them over january..does it look bad..takin it over a second yr..i honestly dont care how it looks to colleges as long as i do well on it my second time..now i just need to know if its acceptable?..</p>

<p>THANKS A LOT!..freakin out

<p>o plz someone answer..</p>

<p>If you don't do well, its acceptable to take it again. However, it certainly looks better to take them once and do well.</p>

<p>You should be studying for it right now instead of worrying about a potential score that you think you will get. If you really are that sure you'll do bad, why did you sign up to take it so soon?</p>

<p>Actually I have a similar question. I took Writing Oct and got a 720. I wanted to retake tomorrow, except that I haven't even opened up a prep book since a month ago. I've done NOTHING. I really can't tell if I feel I"ll do worse or not. But is it advisable I not take it?</p>

<p>whats wrong with a 720?..if theres a chance u might go down..doesnt look good..well..i signed up..but u know how you have to sign up soo in advance..well ya know..then i realized i have no time..theres always this and that..that meeting..that class..my schedule was totally booked..but do u guys think itll look bad if i just take it again in jan?..thats what i was gonna do..</p>

<p>With the way you type and talk over the internet I can predict a nice 560 for you on the writing. If you get any higher than that, feel free to respond.</p>


<p>Is there any reason your language sucks? Are you from another country? Maybe you are good at math, but you just don't understand the english language to a proficient level. By the way, that response you gave to me, yes you did lie about the medal. In fact there hasnt been a single name listed starting with A in the last 5 years for that medal. Do you have TWO names? HAHAHAHAHA</p>

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