What if I took 4 SAT IIs?

<p>I took four SAT IIs:
Math iic 800
Physics 800
Chem 800
Writing 710
Writing is required by the school I am applying to
However they only provide me with three slots for three subjects. Should I place physics or chem?</p>

<p>Put phisics - it is considered a harder test. They will see all the scores on SAT report. But if you are submitting paper app, you can just write that extra score in anyway;)</p>

<p>It is not going to matter much what you write in on the app as the college will rely on offcial score reports for actual scores to use in the evaluation.</p>

<p>Actually, it doesnt matter. You are sending your SAT II scores through collegeboard, then they will get all 4 scores.</p>