What if my letter grade results are better after changing my major?


I’m currently a sophomore at my local community college. For context, I switched to being a Communication Studies major after majoring in Graphic Design. My grades weren’t that great at the time I was studying graphic design, but now that I switched, I found that my grades were a lot better, resulting in increasing my GPA (especially my major courses).

I received passing grades for all my General Eds, but didn’t do so well on my major courses prior to being a Comm. major. Does anyone know if the switch in majors would have an affect on getting into schools? Although I’m aware that my grades from being a Graphic Design major won’t go away, I could assume those classes wouldn’t matter since I’m no longer apart of that program + they probably won’t transfer anyway.


@migama not sure what school you’re trying to transfer into? But all courses taken will appear on your transcript and make up your gpa. GPA is the most important factor when trying to transfer.
I’ve never even heard of community colleges having ‘majors’, usually basics and pre-recs are taken.
If you don’t have a strong gpa, you’ll need to do research and find schools/programs that you can get admission to.

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Depending upon which university you are applying to, and how long you have seen improved grades, in many cases your more recent grades will be more important.

I think that the two main questions are how long you will need to keep up the improved grades, and what level of university you will be able to transfer to. My recommendations would be to keep up the stronger work with improved grades, and to consult with an advisor at your community college.

Congratulations on being able to improve your grades. This should help you quite a bit as long as you can keep this up over time.


There are a few things to unpack here. Depending on where you are thinking of transferring the courses that are not transferrable may not count in your gpa, for example they don’t for the UC and CSU systems in CA (for these you can look up what transfers on ASSIST). The college can choose, as has been pointed out, to pay more attention to your more recent grades showing improvement since it takes some students a semester or two to really get into the swing of college.

You should work with xfer center at your CC. They should be familiar with the policies of the colleges students from your school commonly transfer to.

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