What if my school does not accept service hours I had from my last school?

I transferred to a different school this year, and my new school does not accept service hours from my old school due to different district policies, I am wondering if me turning in saying those hours on my college app would be considered as lying or something.

I’m not sure what you mean about “not accepting” the hours. Do you mean they won’t consider them for something like joining NHS?

I don’t think there will be an issue with including the hours on a college application. Many students do activities outside of school and they often aren’t considered by the high school. We had some students not do a sport at the school but participated on outside travel teams. Listing that as an activity is fine because it is still an interest and is something done in free time.

If you did the hours at the old school, you can list on the application regardless of the new school’s policy.

I doubt it matters at all. My kids’ high schools didn’t track students’ service hours, so the community service time they listed on their college applications was entirely self reported.

I’ve never heard of a HS tracking or transferring service hours. Even if they do, they hours you put in exist - absolutely put them on a college Application.

Some high schools have a community service requirement.