What if the ACT accuses me of cheating?

So, I took the June ACT and I got my scores back a couple of days ago. I was happy to see that I got a 29. This was a big jump from my past two attempts in February/April (23 and 24). I hardly studied for the February/April tests, but I was determined to get a higher score my next try. I did prep every day for 3 weeks before the June test, and was feeling pretty good on the actual testing day. However, with this 5 point jump I am afraid that my test may be investigated/flagged. What are the chances of this happening?

I am in no way a dummy when it comes to school, enrolling in numerous honors/ap courses and managing to earn a little above a 4.1 gpa. I just happen to be a pretty bad test taker. But, when I put the effort into it with rigorous studying there is a good chance of me succeeding.

I have been freaking out since I got my scores back that ACT may void them because of the 5 point difference. What causes a test to be investigated/flagged? What are the chances of this happening to me?

If you receive a score and not any warning, why should you worry. If you really worry, then sign up for the next test. If they do suspect you, they may hold the score and ask you to verify it in another sitting anyway.

I was under the impression that if they suspected cheating, your scores would not have been released to you. Since you already have the scores, I think it’s highly unlikely that they’ll try to invalidate them at this point

You are fine. Scores that move 8 points are subject to quality review. The test may be selected for audit. To move your composite score by 8 points you need to improve by 32 points in some combination of the section scores. Your improvement is really great, but not all that uncommon. So relax, and enjoy the rest of your summer.