What if this happened?

<p>Hello fellow Chicagohopefuls...
I am in desperate need of help. I just re-read my chicago essay, and found a glaringly HUGE mistake. I don't know how it could've happened. The mistake isn't factual, but it's just a quote...of myself...and my grammar/spell check thingy added a "the" in front of a colloquialism...and now...it sounds like "the..." Should I contact my admissions officer and tell him? Or do you think this is a small enough mistake that he might overlook it? The rest of the essay is awesome...but...:(</p>


<p>I wouldn't worry about it that much. Your "other" qualities are probably steller. And judging that Chicago looks more at creativity and the way your mind thinks than any other facet, I would say you should be fine.</p>