What if U of I had a 5 year Engineering/MBA program

<p>I wonder if the University of Illinois has considered offering a 5 year Masters in Business Administration degree to Engineering graduates who stick with it for one more year? That type of an advanced degree option would help improve the university's "value" proposition in this time of rising costs. I know Notre Dame offers the engr/mba program to its engineering students. Do you think many engineers would jump at that, or are most either heading directly into the workforce, or graduate school for Masters in Engineering degrees?</p>

<p>After looking around, it looks like they do have a 5yr MBA for some disciplines within engineering, I wonder if they have one for all, and who would qualify for it?</p>

<p>Within the College of Business, Illinois offers a "Hoeft Technology Management" program that is pretty unique, since it serves a cross-disciplinary purpose. It is more IT-oriented, but given the large number of courses, you can always tailor your courses to fit a typical 5 year engineering/MBA program.</p>

<p>From what I've read, I think it's a better idea to get work experience (3 years) before going for the MBA. I guess that lets you understand the concepts better, and think of situations where you can implement them, instead of having to come up with random hypothetical situations that may/may not apply to you later on.</p>

<p>However, I'd guess a significant number of engineers would jump on that, since they're only adding one year and getting another degree under their belt, haha.</p>

<p>Personally, I'd do normal undergrad then go for grad school. I think grad school in engineering makes you more marketable than undergrad + MBA</p>

<p>The issue is flexibility and value. If you can obtain an engineering degree from one of the top US universities, and for an additional year, obtain your MBA, I, for one, would jump at the opportunity. A highly sought after degree in engineering from a world-renowned engineering institution, plus an MBA in one more year sets you up for BIG money immediately upon gradution. You also, have the option of continuing in grad school for your masters in engineering to boot.</p>

<p>Flexibility and value are the key here.</p>

<p>Purdue does that with their BSME/MBA and BSIE/MBA programs. Students are expected to complete internships beginning the summer after their 2nd year. And I agree... flexibility and value are the key.</p>

<p>Krannert</a> School of Management - BSME/ MBA Program
Krannert</a> School of Management - BSME/ MBA Curriculum</p>

<p>Krannert</a> School of Management - BSIE/ MBA Program
Krannert</a> School of Management - BSIE/ MBA Curriculum</p>

<p>I know there are budget issues, but perhaps this is something Illinois could explore. I'm wondering, too, if it would be possible for a student with the help of engineering and business school advisors to devise his/her own combined degree program by accelerating their course sequence to match both degree requirements in 5 years, as illustrated in Purdue's course sequences (linked above).</p>

<p>Students would have to have several AP course credits in order for this to work. Good question, Balthezar! :)</p>