What if you don't have those fancy awards?

<p>A considerable about of people who got accepted into yale have different sort of awards, usually math or science. I, however, was never interested in competing, I currently rank 1 at my school and have excellent extra-curriculars. I co-founded the Red Cross club at my school. The only university I want to go to is Yale and I plan on going to John Hopkins MedSchool after. Is there a chance I can still get into Yale without all those awards? I do a lot of community service because I LIKE doing it. Would Yale even consider me?</p>

<p>Of course they would, and of course you do have a chance.</p>

<p>"The only university I want to go to is Yale"</p>

<p>There is something seriously wrong with that statement. Get a grip, get a life. Great as Yale is, there are plenty of other places you might love, where you can get a great education and spend four years with wonderful people doing the same thing.</p>

<p>As to your question - many people accepted at Yale do not have nationally recognized awards and achievements. The acheivements you list are plenty to be proud of, and will probably help you get in to some excellent schools, possibly including Yale. Patience.</p>

<p>Yes, you can. If you conveyed a true passion and love for science/math, then you will be fine.</p>

<p>If you are ranked number one in your class and have excellent extra-curriculars then of course Yale will consider you. You must already know that.</p>

<p>You need a plan B in case you don't get into Yale. It would be nice if you were somewhat excited about plan B, which means getting interested in some school besides Yale.</p>

<p>You better apply to more than just Yale (just saying!) But if you show(ed) a great level of academic achievement and interest in your application then you definitely have a chance at Yale or anywhere for that matter.</p>

<p>I hope so!</p>

<p>When I said the only place I want to go is Yale, I did not mean that wholeheartedly. I know there are other places that are just as amazing and would be suitable for me. I have some backups and other place I want to go but I'm really not excited about anything else. Any recommendations for other colleges?</p>

<p>Other colleges? Hmmmm...Bowdoin, Williams, Swathmore... or if you want a university how about Brown, U.Penn, Stanford, Colombia. But definitely Brown, I LOVED Brown.</p>

<p>whats brown good for?</p>

<p>Well one they have the very competitive PLME (Program in Liberal Medicine) and second it's just an amazing school. For what it worth, in response to your original question...I have no major awards and got into Yale so it is definitely possible.</p>

<p>I don't recommend Colombia. Last I heard it's pretty dangerous. Columbia is a great place, though.</p>

<p>P.S. - I'm not really nitpicking your spelling, I just can't help myself. Please, please don't go to Colombia!</p>

<p>I don't have any major awards as well and I got in. Hope for the best but try not to get too attached so if it doesn't work out, it won't hurt as much.</p>

<p>Suggestions for other colleges? Well I'd think Harvard would be a nice consolation prize if Yale turns you down. Its a pretty nice place from what I hear.</p>

<p>Princeton is a decent school too ;) The South Harmon Institute of Technology is a neat place as well.</p>

<p>On a serious note: The only "national" awards I had were National AP Scholar and National Merit. Show that you care about your interests, keep up your great academics, and write essays and get recs that show that you'll fit in and be a leader someday. After that, leave it up to luck.</p>

<p>Same as Anomaly; all I had was National Merit.
Also, I wouldn't try to plan out your life too far in advance. As a junior, I was dead set on going to Boston University. My opinions post-April 1st of senior year were drastically different. To say that you want to go to Johns Hopkins for med school (it's Johns, by the way, not John) when you haven't seriously researched what colleges you'd like to attend for undergraduate seems a bit premature. You may decide that you'd rather do research than be a doctor, or that you're more into Classics than the pre-med track. Keep an open mind! </p>

<p>That being said, if you're interested in an accelerated medical program: Penn State, BU, USF and many other colleges have them. Brown PLME's program is absolutely amazing, although it's an enriched eight year program, not an accelerated program.</p>

<p>Lol u "plan" to get into Hopkins Med school? </p>

<p>Does anyone see the irony in this? Of 100 people who "plan" to get into Hopkins med, about 1.5-2% get in.</p>

<p>I think often when we see plans like this, they may be based on what a relative has done, or what relatives are saying is the best thing to do. That's OK, but there are many, many colleges and universities that you might like.</p>

<p>Thanks for the great feedback! I did research a lot of options but I always came back to the same schools. I'm actually ok with not going to Yale anymore, Harvard sounds nice too! Its nice to know that people without those fancy awards got in.</p>

Thanks for the great feedback! I did research a lot of options but I always came back to the same schools. I'm actually ok with not going to Yale anymore, Harvard sounds nice too! Its nice to know that people without those fancy awards got in.


<p>Harvard is harder to get into than Yale ... I think what people mean is that you shouldn't be set on going to a school in HYPSM and the like because being rejected is a very real possibility for pretty much any applicant.</p>

<p>How do people learn about those fancy awards, like Intel and USAMO? I had never heard about them until I started browsing CC.</p>