What if...

<p>Complete this thought by naming something that would most likely never happen or something that would really effect many CCers or students...
for example...
what if there were no ap classes
what if harvard only required a 3.0 to be accepted
i know those are kinda lame but i'm lacking creativity right now...what do you guys have???</p>

<p>what if there were no ap classes</p>

<p>There would still be advanced classes, albeit without the ap test at the end of the year.</p>

<p>what if harvard only required a 3.0 to be accepted</p>

<p>Harvard would become less prestigious.</p>

<p>1) people would go outside</p>

<p>2) harvard would not be prestigious</p>

<p>1) I would have a life</p>

<p>2) Harvard doesn't require a certain GPA to be accepted. I don't think anything would change.</p>

<p>What if CC didn't exist?</p>

<p>What if you could ace all your classes without effort...what would you do with your time instead?</p>

<p>id probably try to become the greatest genius that ever lived because I never have to study...</p>