What influece does your undergrad school have on med school admissions?

<p>This has been troubling me for a while. I've always heard that it doesn't matter where you get your degree to go to med school. However, suddenly, I heard someone saying that med schools accept more applicants from well-recognized schools (UF) than less prestigious schools (UCF). Now, I'm completely confused on which school to attend. I could go to UF and get by with some financial crunching (some small loans less than 5k), or I could go to UCF and get through with no difficulty at all (ie. free). I just don't want to accept UCF and then not get in medical school because its not prestigious enough. Any advice? :/</p>

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<p>It can have a big infuence but you can do just fine at a lesser known school. It's just that at a lesser known school you'll really have to prove yourself in many different ways as well as in the class room...</p>

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