What is a good amount of EC and sports to put down?

<p>I do a lot of EC's and sports, but I have heard that it is bad to put down EVERYTHING. I heard to only put down the MOST important things to me, so what do you think is a good amount? The truth is, if I honestly put down the stuff I really want to continue next year, it is not that much, and I don't want to hurt my chances by seeming like I don't do that many activities (which I do). I am pretty behind on my aplications (barely started them), which includes my teacher recomendations. Should I be worried and start going at a bit of a "fast" to make sure I get everything done?</p>

<li>Also, sorry for this mulit-questioned question, but I have one more question! Does anyone know a teacher recomendation that I can use for both Lawrenceville and Andover? ( those are the only schools I am applying for).</li>