What is a good "safety" college for a Stanford hopeful?

<p>I suppose high school students posting or lurking here are interested in applying to Stanford. Stanford is pretty competitive to get into, so what "safety" colleges are you considering applying to? What's an admissions sure bet that you'd be happy to attend if you don't get into Stanford?</p>

<p>Try Rice. It's got an atmosphere very similar to Stanford's. I wouldn't call it a safety, but it's much easier to get into than Stanford.</p>

<p>Is Rice easy enough to get into to really be a safety?</p>

<p>No, Rice is a school with a very difficult admissions process in its own right, albeit one easier than Stanford. But no, it's not a safety school. I don't know if their total safeties or not, but some of the places I was looking at were Middlebury and several of the Claremont schools.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. What are some of the other colleges applicants to Stanford are looking at to make sure their application list includes a "safety" college?</p>

<p>Since you are a Minnesota resident, UW-Madison is an obvious candidate. If you are close to Stanford quality, you're sure to get in there.</p>

<p>Yes, Madison at Minnesota tuition reciprocity prices still offers an away-from-home college experience, and that is definitely a reputable college.</p>

<p>UCs are more numbers-driven, so UC Berkley could be a safety if you have stratospheric stats.</p>

<p>Are all of the (many) Californians applying to Stanford counting on Cal as a safety college, or is UC Berkeley admission unpredictable enough that Berkeley applicants need a safer safety college even if they are competitive for Stanford?</p>

<p>when i applied last year, i didnt consider uc berkeley a "safety" school. i looked at stanford as a reach, berkeley as a "target" school. i considered schools like ucsd, uc irvine, davis safeties.</p>

<p>definitely get a school other than berkeley as your "safety".</p>

<p>I think CA applicants can have a pretty good feel on their chances at UCs based on their stats. Obviously, very few can count Berkley as a "safety", but some can (while no one can consider Stanford to be a safety...) For an OOS applicant it is riskier.</p>

<p>lol agreed about Rice...I didn't get into Rice but guess where I'm now lol. Umm if you're looking for a school around stanford's caliber but a bit easier to get in try Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, Emory, etc. Otherwise the only safety I had was my flagship state school's honor program where I would be perfectly happy if I wasn't accepted elsewhere.</p>

<p>While UCs tend to be more numbers driven, I'd say the top UCs aren't. 'Course, GPA is very important, test scores less so, and essays are very important. I agree with the above, Berkeley is a safety for very, very few people. There are many who've considered it a "safety" and ended up rejected (2260 SAT, 4.0 GPA, etc.). But I wouldn't say UCs can really be a safety for OOSers -- OOS is really unpredictable.</p>

<p>You should definitely try for in-state publics. And some of the non-tippy top privates would be a good bet, too. Vandy, Emory, Rice, Rochester, USC, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, NYU, etc.</p>

<p>That is, assuming you have a really good shot at Stanford.</p>

<p>I considered Berkeley and LA as safeties and the other UC's super-safeties.</p>

<p>^^ from a chances thread of yours, Cal and UCLA really weren't safeties for you; rather, they were matches. Considering a school a safety doesn't necessarily mean that it is; there are some on CC who think that even Princeton is a safety.</p>

<p>I know my stats or numbers didn't really show that I could consider Berkeley or LA as safeties, the record at my school showed that I was a clear admit at those two schools. Everyone who has gotten in at my school has less than an 1800 SAT, lower GPA, etc. I wasn't being overly confident; I just guessed that from what I had seen in previous years that I had nothing to worry about with respect to UC admissions.</p>

<p>Perhaps I should bump this thread so that this year's Stanford applicants hear some advice about where else to apply as a "safety" (sure bet for admission) college. Good luck to all the applicants trying for highly selective schools.</p>

<p>Depends on your major. Either MIT or Harvard should do the trick.</p>

<p>Don't think of either Pomona or Claremont-Mckenna as safeties. They accept around 14% and 16%.</p>

<p>Ouch on Rice. Why don't you just say Harvard is a safety school? lol
Madison (known for it's medical program) is pretty easy if you are competitive in Stanford's pool. It WAS #1 party school, if that interests you in anyway.</p>