What is a high GPA?

<p>Just out of interest, what do people consider to be a high/average/low GPA? </p>

<p>I'd say 3.3-3.5 for STEM majors (except bio/: )
3.7+ for everything else</p>

<p>I figure being a few points above whatever your college’s average GPA is.</p>

<p>Do all colleges disclose that?</p>

<p>Not sure. I couldn’t really find anything from my school, although they have to disclose it somewhere since the frats and sororities often boast about how their chapter GPAs are higher than the all-men or all-women GPAs.</p>

<p>I think a high GPA is a 4.0. A low GPA is a 2.0 or below. Average is between those two extremes.</p>

<p>My college’s mean GPA was a 3.4, probably higher for STEM majors. (The majority of magna + summa cum laude recipients were STEM majors.) Everyone I personally knew who I considered to be competent in their major had above a 3.8 GPA, so I’ll go ahead and say that 3.8+ is high for my alma mater.</p>

<p>^ that sounds like some massive grade inflation if the mean GPA is 3.4.</p>

<p>Why the “except for bio” thing? Most people I know that are in the large intro bio class can barely pass that with higher than a C. And a bio major requires physics, two years of chem (or close to) and the like. We news love, too!</p>

<p>I would think like 3.7-3.8</p>

<p>I’d think of someone as having a high GPA if they’re above a 3.5. But that’s just me.</p>

<p>Depends on your major.


<p>anything cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude in an engineering major is high to me. The humanities, anything under 3.5 GPA, and I begin to ask what are you doing with your life?</p>


Oops, I meant median. But it doesn’t seem to be that unusual. According to gradeinflation.com that actually seems to be very typical these days. They suggest that the average GPA at private universities is around a 3.3. (And I’d expect the median to be higher than the mean, since the grading scale extends much further down below 3.3 than up above 3.3.)</p>

<p>“you need a 4.0 in business to not have your resume spat on and set ablaze by HR workers.”</p>


<p>Many schools have thresholds for money… that’s a high GPA. UW of course</p>

<p>Depends on the major. For STEM, 3.3+ is good and 3.7+ is great (NOT school wide GPA). For humanities, anything less than 3.7 is mediocre.</p>

<p>I consider anything 3.5+ pretty good. However, the higher the better if you’re looking into top grad schools or an internship/job which requires a high gpa. Anything above 3.0 is generally the “safe” zone, according to lots of people here at my school.</p>