What is a Liberal Arts major

<p>I am getting my B.A in statistics, someone told me I am getting a liberal arts degree sine I am getting a B.A. However I took only a handfull of clases outside of Math or Statistics. So does B.A mean liberal arts regardless of how diverse your classes are.</p>

<p>What is the difference between a BA and BS degree:</p>

<p>B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
A bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree is what is generally called a liberal arts degree. This degree requires as much as 71 hours of general education courses in a wide range of areas that help you develop a variety of skills. Bachelor of arts majors include many subject areas, such as English, geography, and psychology. The main difference between the B.A. and the B.S. is that a B.A. has additional college requirements such as foreign language, additional literature and social sciences, PHIL/RELI, and Non-Western Culture. The degree you choose to pursue depends largely on your talents, interests, and goals.</p>

<p>B.S. (Bachelor of Science)
The bachelor of science (B.S.) degree is more mathematics or science oriented. This degree may require fewer general education courses and more math and/or science courses. Some bachelor of science programs are career or research oriented--for example, accounting, computer science, and nursing. Majors such as psychology, economics, mathematics, and the natural sciences offer both bachelor of arts and bachelor of science options. The School of Management offers only B.S. degrees and includes Accounting, Finance, Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems, and Management. The degree you choose to pursue depends largely on your talents, interests, and goals.</p>

<p>But the strange thing is, Engineering students are required to take more non math and science classes than me, even though they have a B.S and I have a B.A. Also at my school there is a B.S in statistics and infact I will take the classes required to get the B.S but the reason I will get the B.A is because the B.S requires a 3.0 GPA for your lower division something I dont have.</p>