what is a likely letter

<p>what is a likely letter and why would you get?</p>

<p>The college admission feels that a student who is a non-academic and receives a likely letter is near the top 200 or so of their full applicant pool. At Yale, I think it is top 100-150 of the 22000+ applicant pool. Basically, Yale is practically 100% sure that this student will bring something unique to campus and will work hard and take initiatives during their 4 years as an undergraduate. What the likely letter is suppose to do is to capture the attention of the student so that they will explore the various options available at Yale and in the process, possibly choose Yale over other Ivies. There was an article about the criterias for a likely letter student such as 1. The admissions is sure that other Ivies will accept this student 2. They would have accepted this student anyway[meaning before looking at other applications] because of the strength of this student's applicatio 3. The student has a unique "hook" that captures the attention of the essay reader. Good luck!</p>

<p>non-academic/? like sports?</p>

<p>my fault. It should be non-athlete.</p>