What is a realistic SAT score for non legacy non athletes

<p>i have a 4.3 GPA and alright EC's. 31 ACT, but i had a 1430 on my SAT practice that i took the week before this last satuday's test...and i feel that i atleast got a 770 on math. What is good enough?</p>

<p>Hey Andrew! 1430 and a 31 ACT look great for EA. Your stats are very close to what my daughter had and she was accepted EA last year. She had quite a bit of EC's that were primarily service oriented, at school, in the community, and at church. She also had a similar grade point average and a high rank in her class. Check out the stats for this years class at the ND site and you can get an idea what they are looking for. They seem to be looking for well rounded individuals. Also, my daughter was not a legacy and not an athlete. Good luck!</p>

<p>hmm im thinking about EA, but not sure if I will be done with my essay or have my recommendations in time. I am trying, just am overwhelmed with 4 AP classes, standardized tests, and now applications on top of that is definitley killing me. oh well. I really want to go to notre dame and i am having my principal (an alumnus of ND) write me a letter of rec, so hopefully that will help. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed on the SAT I score...and i had a typo, my 31 ACT was really a 30, i'm taking it again later this month though. Thanks theirish</p>

<p>A suggestion for your rec letter, Andrew - since your principal is an alum and knows you, he's in an ideal position to comment on your special characteristics that would make you a great addition to the ND community, and how ND would help you reach your potential. A rec from an alum is no big deal, but a rec that tells a compelling story could clinch the deal if the rest of your package is competitive. Good luck!</p>

<p>yay i got a 1460- im definitley applying early now</p>

<p>Great job Andrew! Luck of the Irish to you! :)</p>