What is a typical merit award for SLU?

SLU is a very expensive school. Can anyone speak to how much merit money SLU is typically willing to give? What is the GPA requirement to keep the scholarship each year? Also, can someone speak to the level of rigor or the classes? Is this a liberal, leftist leaning population? (it seems administration is bringing in speakers and leaning this direction) I don’t really have a sense of SLU.

SLU offers merit aid to about 80% of incoming freshman students. Practically no one pays full price. They are willing to work with you in terms of financial aid. Merit aid can range anywhere from 13,000/ year to full tuition depending on your courses taken, grades earned, letters of recommendation and standardized test scores, as well as co-curricular involvement, and essay. My grade for high school was 92 weighted and my SAT score was 1930. I received the University Scholarship ($18000/year) and the presidential achievement ($7000/year) award. To keep the merit-aid, you must maintain a cumulative grade of 3.0 or higher. Classes are mildly rigorous. For the most part, you need to put in the work for a good grade. I would say this is a liberal, leftist leaning population. People are pretty respectful regardless of your political identity. If you don’t agree with the majority expect debate.

My daughter received $25,000 originally in merit aid. She had better offers elsewhere, so we asked for more and they gave her an additional $3000. She thought the work was challenging this first semester. She is not returning next semester, but it has nothing to do with the academics. I would agree it is liberal, left leaning. She has mentioned that there were spirited debates in the school paper.

Curious, my child hasn’t contacted them to ask but does anyone know how many full tuition merit awards they give or what the stats of those kids are? thanks.