what is an internship?

<p>k this is gona sound like a really stupid question to u guys
buy i am dead serious.
wat is an internship? wats its purpose/benefits/how do i do it??</p>

<p>An Internship is an opportunity to work in a company during college. Basically, It's purpose is to prepare people for the everyday workforce, and there are numerous benefits in the long term, for instance interview skills, people skills, not to metion that most internships pay.</p>

<p>Hope this helps...</p>

<p>ok thanks for the help dude
however i hear of peoploe doing internships in high school
is that possible...wats that all about?</p>

<p>ya, you can do internships in hs. Its like applying for a job, but an internship prepares you for the future by giving you leadership skills, job skills, and help you realize what kind of jobs best suit you. There are many different types of internships, you can do some for money, for volunteer hours, or both(at different times). For instance if you applied for buisness internship, you'd learn buisness skills that will aid you in future jobs and give you skills in buisness jobs by being in a job setting and performing tasks that are assigned to you. My counselor also told me those are very good on your resume. I hope that helps.</p>