What is are my chances for admission for Northeastern?

I am currently a senior applying to Northeastern. As of now I am planning on applying ED, and I have completed a lot of demonstrated interest as well.
I come from a competitive private school, so I am not sure if my stats are that high.

GPA: 4.0
AP Biology - 3 (sophomore with no prior knowledge of chem or bio)
AP US History - 4
AP English Language - 4
AP Literature - TBD
AP Gov + Politcs - TBD

I’ve also taken multiple honors courses in that past, and 4+ years of the Spanish language.

My test scores are pretty low so as of now I am not planning on sending them in, but I am taking 2 ACTs before Nov. 1 so we will see.

I have strong extracurriculars
Tri-Varsity Athlete
Club Sport for 4 years
Multiple Clubs
3 Leadership Positions

At NU I’m intending on going in as International Business undecided, and I am not sure how competitive the business school is.

You seem to have a good chance, and even if your ACT isn’t great, you can apply test optional. Also, make sure you can get your test score in by the deadline.

If your school uses Naviance, you can look at scatterplots for specifically your school. For me, nobody with higher stats than mine was denied from Northeastern at my school, so that made me feel better about my chances.