What is better: Medium GPA or High Trend

<p>Standardized tests and activities aside, do you think an admissions councilor would rather take Student A or Student B?</p>

<p>Student A:
Cumulative: 90 (3.5)
Freshman GPA: 90 (3.5)
Sophomore GPA: 90 (3.5)
Junior GPA: 90 (3.5)</p>

<p>Student B:
Cumulative: 90 (3.5)
Freshman GPA: 83 (2.8)
Sophomore GPA: 90 (3.5)
Junior GPA: 97 (4.0)</p>

<p>Would the college rather a consistent student or one that has bettered himself as a student and has turned himself into an excellent student?</p>

<p>In this situation, I would pick student B. If the cumulative GPA for both students was 3.8, I would pick student A.</p>

<p>Either way, I would pick student B. Student B has shown tremendous progress throughout high school while student A has, from the beginning, reached a plateau. Although a plateau wouldn't be bad if their GPA was higher, the GPA, for selective schools, is mediocre at best.</p>

<p>Thank you for this post cuz mine got ignored. But I'm kinda trying to decide if I should go for the grad school thing or just get a job and settle.</p>