What is Butler like?

Recent grads or current enrollees (students or their parents opinions)… what is the atmosphere of Butler like? Daughter heavily considering. Thank you for any insights.

Hello! My S18 is a junior this year at Butler. Loves it! We’re from MA and so he had questions going in about how regional it would feel as someone from outside the IN, IL, OH region. His experience is that Butler represents the best of the mid-West in terms of friendliness, willingness to help and just overall “neighborliness”.

There is a strong Greek culture but S18 didn’t join and hasn’t felt the impact of that. He says that for women it’s even more open in terms of whether someone is Greek or not. They don’t allow pledging until second semester which speaks to the desire for kids to really understand all of their options before making a commitment.

He’s described the students as highly motivated but not competitive.

Basketball is HUGE there (though this year I would expect that to be different) as a whole school activity. But there are groups who just aren’t into that and they find plenty to do.

Their dance program, particularly ballet, is nationally known. And community service is heroed.

S18 is a business/marketing major and has never had a class over 35 students. Getting into courses has been tough at times because registration is done in a certain order but he’s feeling good that at this point (2nd semester junior) he should be good. :slight_smile:

To underscore the environment, he’s got three roommates and 1 is an engineering major, one is a finance major and the other is a science major. One is in a frat, one is a committed, practicing Catholic and the other is working a part-time job at the same time as school. So kids meet and develop relationships with all kids of folks, not just those in their program or their activities.

I could go on but I’m happy to answer any questions you have through PM or here if there is more you’d like to know.

Good luck to your D where ever she might choose!

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Thank you for your post! We are also from MA, and son '21 is considering Butler for business. It’s great to hear about the Greek life from the perspective of another guy. (It can be a very different experience for girls who always seem welcome at the parties.) Has your son had an opportunity to do any internships? Do you feel like there is a Butler network in Boston that may assist with job search?

@Friar92 good for your son! The joke at Butler is that it’s known for the 3B’s: Business, Ballet and Basketball. The order probably depends on who you are. :smiley: Lots of other great programs too.

He was set to take on an internship this past summer but…Covid. They are required to complete 2 in the Business school before graduation (1 for everyone else). He feels a lot of support to find one and succeed at it. While he’s applying for Spring internships, his goal is for next summer and then fall of senior year. All “official” internships–meaning they count for the school’s requirement–also require a seminar course at the same time where students report and reflect on their experiences. He’s been through mock interviews with folks in the Indy business community, set up by Butler and the faculty are well connected there as well.

I don’t know if this is what you’re going to want to hear but S21 loves it so much in the mid-West, he has no intention of moving back to Boston if he can help it. He’ll be looking for full-time opps in Indy and Chicago primarily. His intention last summer was to stay on campus but he had to come home. He’s already got his lease signed for a house that means he won’t be in MA next summer. :neutral: I’m thrilled for him that he’s found his place, but don’t think it doesn’t break my heart a little.


My daughter absolutely loves it there as a freshman. We’re from CA, and she loves the Hoosier Hospitality. She’s actively involved in the Hillel there and a few other clubs. She’s an elementary Ed student and she’s already taking courses in her major, that’s pretty rare in that major.

They have handled COVID well and have allowed the kids to have a relatively normal college experience (minus the parties) and is currently planning for a return to full in person classes in the fall, trajectory of COVID permitting