What is Camp Crimson at OU like for introverts?

As you can probably tell from my username, I am a fairly introverted person. I also have a Social Anxiety Disorder, which adds to the fun. Despite these things, I do enjoy hanging out with people, but I am very selective and it takes some time for me to let my walls down. I am someone who likes deep conversations and I enjoy getting to know people.

Now onto my question. I am attending OU next fall as a freshmen and one of their suggested freshmen activities is Camp Crimson. The part about small groups and getting to know one another through conversation interests me, however the group games and activities does not. When I originally heard about it, I just shrugged it off and was content with not going. But it comes back to the introvert/Social Anxiety thing.

I am not very good at putting myself out there and I have never really had to. I’ve gone to the same school since Pre-K, so most of the friends I have now were my friends then. So I know that the forming relationships part of college might be a challenge for me. That is the only reason I am even considering going to Camp Crimson. If I have the choice to say no to the game part without getting the typical “aw come on!” or chant of my name, then I’m okay with going. Not excited, but not dreading it. I know that I could benefit from Camp Crimson, but I am worried that the whole experience will be filled with anxiety and panic attacks with a deep deep desire to just go home.

So, if there are any fellow introverts or knowledgable people who have been through Camp Crimson and can offer me advice or help, just let me know. Thanks.

I have not attended Camp Crimson or OU, I came across this post as OU is on my son’s short list.

I can tell you as someone that is now in his 40’s, do NOT skip this. There are so many things I wish I had done back in my younger years, getting to know more people in college is one of them.

Attend, roll with it, have fun or don’t have fun, doesn’t matter, you gave it a go and won’t have any regrets. My guess is you will meet people with your interests and make your freshman year that much more enjoyable.