What is Columbia Engineering like?

I heard someone on the web (don’t know if it’s true lmao) says that Columbia Engineering isn’t as great for a school such as Columbia. What is Engineering like then?

Do we get a lot of internships as aspiring engineers? What is the relevancy of New York city to our undergraduate education?

Thanks for your input. I’m so looking forward to Columbia and making my 4 college years fruitful in the best city ever :slight_smile:


This post might help. Overall Columbia Engineering is excellent. People used to say that Columbia Engineering is not as good as Columbia College, because the acceptance rate was relatively higher for Columbia Engineering (so people falsely assumed that it is easier to get into Columbia Engineering than Columbia College though it has always been the case that Columbia Engineering has higher average SAT scores).

However as the stats show, for the class of 2018, Columbia College had an acceptance rate of 6.8% while Columbia Engineering’s acceptance rate was 7.4%( The data from the link round both numbers to 7%). So that gap is now negligible.

Also, I would say NYC is the second best place in the US for startups. So there are plenty of opportunities for not only interning at startups, but also founding your own startups. Also Columbia Engineering allows you to pursue career in finance/banking if you are interested in those.

And if you are interested in joining big name companies, the majority of them heavily recruit on campus.

Thank you so much, the quora quote helped

In truth, the SEAS had been somewhat lagging behind CC in their standing in the past – but not anymore obviously. This can be seen in the numbers for the acceptance rates in the above posts. Although I generally would discount small differences in acceptance rates, the fact that it used to be double that for CC was somewhat embarrassing at one time.

But SEAS is returning to being a leading engineering school, and the Manhattanville campus project will greatly enhance SEAS position and standing. It will finally get the additional space and facilities it needs.

I’m sure you will love SEAS. It is a great school within a great university within a great city. The relevance for anyone would be to try to draw upon each of those, to the best of their abilities.

it’s ****ing hard